Sileo App – Best Cydia Alternative

Sileo app is the brand-new app store for users with jailbreak permission. It is team CoolStar who responsible for Electra jailbreak and recently dropped the anchor with Chimera. In simply, Sileo app is a complete alternative to Cydia download which as well remain as a jailbreak-only app. In accordance with its developer’s clarification, this is the application which fulfilled the long gap of true Cydia package and that offered by Jay Freeman since far. At the moment, this can establish on your iPhone, iPad or iPod when only you go through Chimera jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 12.3 beta.

sileo app download

Download Sileo for iOS 11 to iOS 12.3

You can jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 12.3 using Electra and Chimera jailbreak tools in respect to. Once you turn your status into jailbreak, you will be able to download Sileo app as well.

Sileo using Chimera jailbreak

Chimera jailbreak, jailbreak app

As we all know, the developer introduced Chimera to the audience a few months back in order to reach iOS 12 jailbreak plus download Sileo package as well. For the reason behind introducing an application like Sileo was bring to completion of Saurik’s Cydia app store, it has been fenced in similar features and that even will not freeze the device, crash performances or else ease up on battery drain either. And those who will install Sileo will be able to go through all the features securely.

Download Sileo App using Unc0ver jailbreak

Unc0ver jailbreak

This is something interesting for those who are with Unc0ver and look forward to deal with Sileo. Of course, you are already permitted to download Sileo for you are jailbroken. Though you are with Cydia app that the developer Pwn20wnd arranged to their Unc0ver jailbreak, this too can arrange without any complicated and even with the absolute support of Cydia.

  • Launch Cydia app store on your device.
  • Navigate to Sources tab.
  • And then respectively click Edit > Add buttons.
  • And then type one of following URL’s in the particular URL box or
  • After that, tap Add > Search >Sileo Installer.
  • Once the search result will appear, click Install > Confirm options.
  • When the installation will complete, enter Restart Springboard.
  • Now you can find out the Package Manager of Sileo from your Home screen.
  • Both Cydia and Sileo app icons will display among applications once the course of action will end.

Download Sileo with Electra jailbreak

Electra Jailbreak, jailbreak app
  • Open your Cydia app store
  • Go to the default repository of Electra and that available as iOS Utilities for Electra
  • Move through the page and select Sileo Beta > Install
  • And then click Restart Springboard
  • So the icon of the jailbreak app store will appear on your Home screen

Install Sileo App with IPA file

  • Download Cydia impactor latest version on your PC or Mac in order to side load the particular IPA file
  • Search Sileo IPA file and download it
  • And then launch Cydia Impactor
  • Connect the iDevice with a lighting or USB cable
  • Once you realize that the device has been detected, you can drag and drop the IPA file to the interface of Cydia Impactor
  • Enter your login details to the next window to continue

When you see the Expired Certificate alert, click OK and remain few minutes

That’s it

Add a new repo on Sileo App download

  • Open Sileo and turn to its Sources panel
  • And then use the Plus mark which is in the top right area of the UI
  • Now you can type the respective Repo URL that you decided to add in the certain box that opened
  • Click Add source option to continue

Install or Uninstall apps from Sileo

Install Sileo App

  • Open Sileo and click the “Get” button in front of each app in the list when you need to install whatever

Uninstall Sileo App

  • If it is about uninstall any app, you should go to “Packages” option.
  • Select the app that you wish to remove with the certain “Modify” option.
  • So then you will get, Reinstall and Uninstall options at the bottom of the interface.

Pros and Cons of Sileo


  • Since Sileo is the complete alternative to Cydia, you can apply all Cydia repos there that works perfectly.
  • Well-designed simple and plain graphical user interface.
  • Developers with their tweaks can simply add them to the jailbreak store.
  • You are easy to apply various tweaks.
  • Faster support and performance than Cydia.
  • You can go through a long list of options through Safe Mode.


  • Sileo is a limited app store for devices running iOS 11 and above
  • Users with 32-bit devices cannot try out Sileo
  • Developers and testers might face issues with unsupported tweaks removals