iOS 13.3 jailbreak with checkra1n jailbreak- Guide

iOS 13.3 is a significant chapter here in the iOS community including in the scope of iOS jailbreak. Thanks to the update of checkra1n jailbreak, the chance to jailbreak iOS 13.3 is opened up together with the confirmations to Cydia. This is the complete review on how you could run jailbreak on iOS 13.3 and have Cydia for the rest of the tweaking. This will be one of the most exciting experiences you have in a jailbreak with checkm8 bootrom exploit-supported Checkra1n.

About Checkra1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n jailbreak received a lot of popularity over the past few months being the first unpatchable bootrom exploit-based jailbreak. Not only that, Checkra1n is also the first-ever jailbreak iOS 13 we had which is now confirmed up to jailbreak iOS 13.3 at the time being. But it is quite limited in the support of Apple devices whereas it only supports through A5-A11 devices which in the other way up to iPhone X jailbreak only.

One of the highlights around checkra1n jailbreak is its macOS compatibility. Checkra1n still has no jailbreak support through Windows. But this Mac-only compatibility would soon be changed as it has now getting developed to Linux support. As to the developers, it is quite rough to work with checkra1n for Linux support. But it was said to be released sooner than later with better compatibility for checkra1n.

Checkra1n jailbreak runs semi-tethered jailbreak where it accords with some conditions. So if you reboot after jailbreak checkra1n, you will have to resign the jailbreak app and gain jailbreak privileges. Anyhow, you can download checkra1n free in any updated version. So make sure you know all the tool conditions if you are willing to make use of checkra1n jailbreak app.

Checkra1n Jailbreak iOS 13.3 support

Checkra1n jailbreak receives updates from time to time bringing up better support and stability throughout the processing. So by now, it has been updated to checkra1n v0.9.7 giving more support and changes with a long change long. And for the most important thing, here it brings support for iOS 13.3 jailbreak. Together with compatibility improvements, here you have some fixes too with checkra1n making it more supportive for more users.

Checkra1n v0.9.7 latest

Checkra1n receives updates from time to time making the overall tool support better and stable. Here you are about the latest checkra1n version with more changes and fixes to the work-frame. So make sure you Download checkra1n in the latest possible version for improved support and connection.


  • Initial support for 4K Apple TV
  • Eliminate OTA updates on boot
  • iOS 13.3 jailbreak compatibility added
  • Remove libimobile device as a need
  • Manage the situation where there’s no internet connection supported when bootstrapping tvOS
  • Added shortcut for control center targeting tvOS loader app
  • Improved work frame and compatibility


  • Fixing up the issue which disallowed the GUI from discovering alterations in different device modes
  • Fixes the issue that has made the GUI to drop when jailbreak processing on some iPad models

How should you prepare for Checkra1n jailbreak iOS 13.3?

  • Get your Mac computer ready to run as checkra1n is with Mac-only support
  • The tool runs semi-tethered jailbreak
  • The tool supports through A5-A11 64-bit devices
  • Checkra1n brings jailbreak support for iOS 12.3 or later up to iOS 13.3 jailbreak
  • The jailbreak tool supports Cydia at the end of the process as the package manager

How to jailbreak iOS 13.3 with checkra1n app?

Once you were prepared with the essentials, it is too easy to handle semi-tethered jailbreak checkra1n. So here you are about how to run jailbreak iOS 13.3 in order. Make sure you backup the complete device before going through the steps in order to keep your existing data safe.

  • Step 1: Get the MFi-certified lightning cable ready and connect your Apple device to the desktop (Mac-only)
  • Step 2: Download Checkra1n jailbreak app from the official website (try the latest possible version so far updated)
  • Step 3: When the app is successfully downloaded, double click and launch the .dmg file. You should then drag the checkra1n file into the Mac application folder
  • Step 4: Now launch Application folder from Mac
  • Step 5:  Right-click the checkra1n app and continue through the “show package contents” feature
  • Step 6: Follow up with Checkra1n > Contents > Mac OS and double click on the checkra1n-gui file as the next step
  • Step 7: Once the app is launched, you can check whether the device is successfully connected over the desktop or not
  • Step 8: You can continue through the “Start” option if you have successfully connected
  • Step 9: As a next step, the device needs to get into DFU mode. So follow the on-screen instructions and get into DFU mode successfully
  • Step 10: With switching to DFU mode, it will start jailbreaking the device automatically. So keep watching the progress

When you are successfully done jailbreaking, you can Download Cydia. So follow the Checkra1n loader interface and install Cydia for further tweaking.

Cydia Download or Sileo?

Thanks to the continuous updates checkra1n brought over, we found its support to Cydia Download with no trouble. And for the latest news, you can now have the option to Sileo package manager as another option from Cydia Download after checkra1n. But still, you have the option only through Cydia Repos as Sileo is still not added on the checkra1n loader app. So if you were interested in getting Sileo instead of Cydia, you can launch Cydia and add Sileo through Repos. His would first come with various limitations but could expect better support in the days to come.

Checkra1n jailbreak will get more updates in the times arriving in concern to Apple’s firmware updates. And sooner than later, we will receive updates to Windows and Linux compatibility just going beyond the Windows-only frame. Although in beta, checkra1n manages jailbreak iOS 13.3 successfully here ending up with Cydia and Sileo support.