About iOS 11- iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak

iOS 11 Firmware to the public is one of the most secured iOS eras bringing a lot of improvements.
It also includes massive security enhancements to the user’s iOS experience. Over all the security failures of iOS 10, iOS 11 had notable improvements aiming at the highest user experience. But that has not stopped jailbreak developers from working towards jailbreak app and Cydia app. In fact, many iOS 11 versions are privileged to iOS jailbreak and Cydia with the opportunity to change the look and feel of your iDevice. You can follow our links to get Cydia on the relevant iOS 11 version.

iOS 11 jailbreak

iOS 11 came to the public September 2017 as the major operating system update to all 64-bit Apple devices. Together with hundreds of improvements and feature updates, iOS 11 was more focused on security. In fact, it was carrying a lot of security hurdles on the way of jailbreaking.

iOS 11 supported versions:

The following are the only iOS 11 versions supported to Download Cydia.

  • a. iOS 11
  • b. iOS 11.1
  • c. iOS 11.2
  • d. iOS 11.3
  • e. iOS 11.3.1
  • f. iOS 11.4
  • g. iOS 11.4.1

Electra Jailbreak:

Electra Jailbreak

Electra jailbreak is from the developer Coolstar who is being a big role in the jailbreak community by bringing various news and tool updates. The tool runs jailbreak in semi-untethered flow by using Cydia impactor tool download. The tool here is compatible through iOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1. You can get all the download details from the link below.

Unc0ver Jailbreak:

Unc0ver Jailbreak

With all thanks to the active developer Pwn20wnd the tool Unc0ver Jailbreak is found with support through iOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1. This is called a very stable jailbreak tool to run supporting all 64-bit Apple devices in jailbreaking. And for the time being, we find an update to Unc0ver tool extending the support through iOS 12 to iOS 12.1.2 following the same semi-untethered flow. Get all about the tool and downloads from the link below.

Would you give a try on Cydia Alternatives and install jailbreak apps?

cydia alternative

Just as stated, the desire to Download Cydia is not what only matters to get into Cydia experience on iOS. For that, you need to have the support of the correct tool version. So if you are too worried about not having Cydia on iOS, you can turn into a Cydia Alternative regardless the state of jailbreak or not. The alternative options like Tweakbox, AppValley, Panda Helper and more are ready to experience a fine range of free and modified cydia apps.

How to remove Cydia?

You can remove Cydia from your iDevice in two ways. One way is upgrading the device firmware for the upper through which easily jailbreak and Cydia rights will be removed making you back in stock. And the other way mostly recommended is use of Cydia Eraser. This is specifically designed to remove Cydia from the device without upgrading the firmware. So if you want to stay on the same firmware and remove Cydia, you are recommended to use Cydia Eraser.

Cydia eraser

You can visit our FAQ page to get answered to almost all Cydia questions in order to get a clear knowledge about what is the role of jailbreak app and Cydia.

We will update all users with time to time jailbreak and Cydia news. So stay signed to get everything clear.