H3lix Jailbreak

H3lix Jailbreak is great news for all long-waiting fans which comes targeting iOS 10 jailbreak. The tool has developed by the reputed developer Tihmstar which is based on the V0rtex exploit and has released to the public as a semi-untethered jailbreak for the eligible jailbreak users. As the first iOS jailbreak ending the long silent, this was winning so much attention from the jailbreak users. Although it is in the semi-untethered frame, H3lix was welcomed with open arms. And we could expect this to bring more jailbreak tools up in future.

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Before start installing H3lix jailbreak app, it is important to know what a semi-untethered jailbreak is. In simply, in semi-untethered frame, jailbreak will only last until you reboot. In fact, a reboot after jailbreak could drop the device back in the stock like state with no rights to jailbreak there on. But that can be regained easily. Hope you will catch everything in the note here.

Before you install H3lix:

Prior to installing H3lix jailbreak on your device, it is a must to have a complete backup of all the device data. As you might have already aware, you can have a backup of data through iTunes or iCloud. So even if anything goes wrong here
during the jailbreak, you are safe with all content. Along with that, make sure your device has sufficient battery strength to see the progress of the jailbreak.
Update: You can now Download H3lix Jailbreak from Panda Helper app. So take it directly on the device without the PC involvements

How to install H3lix Jailbreak?

h3lix jailbreak

Since H3lix is a semi-untethered jailbreak it requires Cydia impactor to side-load the IPA to the device. And for the happy fact, here it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. So choose the right H3lix version to download and continue with the recommended steps.

  • Download Helix jailbreak on your Desktop PC (32bit or 64bit) and keep notice where you have saved the file
  • Download Cydia impactor latest version on the PC
  • Now connect your Apple device (make sure you are compatible for the H3lix jailbreak) to the PC and launch Cydia impactor
  • Give several seconds and wait for Cydia Impactor to correctly detect the device connected and open the H3lix jailbreak from where it was saved
  • Now drag the IPA file into the Cydia impactor interface
  • When it asks for the Apple ID and the Password, provide them and wait for the tool side-load the jailbreak IPA
  • When the jailbreak app installation is over, go to settings app
  • Follow General > Profile And Device Management and find the H3lix jailbreak profile
  • Continue to tap on Trust and then confirm with a tap on “Trust” again
  • Close settings and launch H3lix jailbreak app from the Home screen
  • Tap the Jailbreak button and wait. And once the jailbreaking is over, the device will restarting automatically

Note: As to the semi-untethered jailbreak qualities, your jailbreak rights will be removed when you reboot. If so, run back the last two steps from the above guide to regain jailbreak features on the device.

Important: Semi-untethered jailbreaks are bound to expiration. So depending on the Apple certificate, the expiry time differs. If you have used the usual free Apple ID, your jailbreak will be expired in every 7 days. But for the developer Apple ID users, the jailbreak will remain untouched for about a year. And when it’s expired, you should rerun the jailbreak app to regain the jailbreak features.

Frequently asked questions:

Cydia app is very popular among all jailbreak users. But if you still got any doubts, check our FAQ page and get all the updates.

As the best payback for the long wait so far, H3lix jailbreak is a big update in targeting iOS 10 jailbreak users. So get it free and enjoy the best jailbreak rights on iPhone and iPad.