Frequently Asked Questions

For all iOS users, Cydia is a very special opportunity that takes the iOS experience upper to levels. And there’s hardly anybody who does not know Cydia app and its uses over the stock frame. But there could still be some facts unknown about Cydia. So answering some frequently asked questions, we are giving you a better knowledge to the jailbreak app.

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Can you install Cydia app without iOS jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the primary way you can install Cydia on iOS. But that does not mean you cannot have Cydia without jailbreaking as there are many Cydia Alternatives do exist. So even without jailbreak, you can have the experience of Cydia. We will show you how to go with that in further detailing.

Is Cydia Download safe on iPhone?

To have Cydia, jailbreaking the device is required as we already know. And by jailbreaking, you are going beyond the security measures Apple has applied where you are exposing the device system to security threats. Of course there you have some security risk by jailbreak and having Cydia although Cydia is made of developer made content. If you are really concerned on this, you can have Cydia alternative which can be taken without jailbreak without breaking the system rules. But remember, that will be not the same as Cydia original.

What are the benefits I get by jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is a whole new opportunity to modify the system. So above what you are given by the Apple developers, you can experience many more on the same device by experiencing what have not authorized by Apple. Just because you have broken the security frame by jailbreaking, you can experience many apps and tweaks, a lot of customization opportunities through Cydia, the third party app store for jailbreak users. Simply, iOS jailbreak gives access to build your device to what you really want.

Is iOS jailbreak safe on iPhone?

By jailbreaking, you are taking the device out of the Apple’s restricted frame where you are safe and only within the recommended features and functions. Just as more power comes with more responsibility, here you are required high caution. In fact, the device after jailbreak is exposed to more risks. So there, you are really need extra caution on what content you take through Cydia as there could be various harmful things. As long as you are monitored through, iOS jailbreak and Cydia are safe.

Is jailbreak legal?

No it was not. And then in 2012 the Library of Congress ruled it as a legal release to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which has resulted it legal to do.

Why Cydia is used?

Cydia is referred as a digital distribution platform for unofficial iOS firmware. In fact, it is a package management system contains various options giving the user a big opportunity to get apps, tweaks, and many modifications on jailbroken Apple device.

Is Cydia legal to use?

Cydia is totally legal to use in USA. But as jailbreaking voids the device’s warranty, you cannot take the jailbroken device to any Apple store for repairs.

Is Cydia Download free?

Cydia is completely free to get with any iOS jailbreak. In fact, it is the third party app installer for jailbroken Apple devices to continue with apps, tweaks and modifications. And for more, you can also have Cydia Alternatives for free if you have no option to jailbreak but need Cydia on iOS. Having Cydia alternatives like TweakBox, and web-based iNoCydia, you can experience a vast collection of modified apps just for free.

What can Cydia do?

Cydia app store is similar to the official app store by Apple that allows thousands of opportunities. But the difference here is Cydia includes all of the modified apps, tweaks and downloads that Apple not authorized through the official app store. So you can take the whole right at your own and tweak the device to what you really want. But the only way to install original Cydia is jailbreak which is not every firmware is lucky to have.

What apps and tweaks are on Cydia?

Cydia is made of thousands of advanced apps and many downloads. So you can have many options from Cydia to change the look to feel of your iDevice. And here we are picking some of the top Cydia apps and tweaks updated recently.

  • Auxo, best for iOS multitasking
  • iFile
  • LiveSafari, new free tweak
  • BiteSMS
  • TetherMe
  • Merge
  • Pusher, new paid tweak
  • Messager + and more

Is Cydia impactor a jailbreak to download?

cydia impactor

No, Cydia impactor is not a jailbreak. In fact, it is a free tool by Saurik (Jay Freeman) to sign IPA files into the Apple Device. The tool is compatible through Mac, Linux and also Windows. And with the dawn of semi-untethered jailbreak era, Cydia impactor is been more talked where it is used to install jailbreak IPA to the device.

How to add sources to Cydia?

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Having useful sources on Cydia is very important to experience through the best downloads. And adding new sources to Cydia is very easy with the following steps.

  • Go to Cydia from the Apple device
  • Follow Manage > Sources, where you will see all the sources already added
  • Tap “edit” from the top right corner
  • Tap “Add” in the top left
  • Now enter the source URL that you want to add
  • Continue with “Add source”

How to install Cydia apps and themes?

It is very easy to install any app or theme from Cydia. So first go to Cydia and search through what you want. Then follow the instructions to get it installed on your Apple device. to install themes, you need to have Winterboard, RocketBootstrap or Snowborad installed.

What is Cydia Substrate?

Substrate is for Application Programming Interface (API) which is a major component Cydia requires to work through tweaks. In Cydia, substrate is already built-in. So it will manage through all the compatible tweaks.

Do I have to pay for Cydia Tweaks?

You have both free and paid options in Cydia. While you will find many of them for free download, you will also some advanced options under different costs. It is not must to take paid tweaks. So you have a choice there to get free or get paid options under one-time payment for each.

How to fix Cydia tweaks broke?

This is a common issue you could face in Cydia experience. And thanks to the developers, most of the jailbreak tools from iOS 11 features a Toggle in the app where you are allowed to switch the broken tweak off and delete it easily. So this prevents a lot of troubles possible.

Cydia is not running on my iPhone, what can I do?

This is a very possible thing for anyone. Especially in your first experience to Cydia this will come a big trouble. But the true fact is you really need several attempts here. It could be 5 times, 6 or even more. However Cydia will eventually work on your device.

We are wrapping up the Frequently Asked Questions for now and will write more updates of cydia FAQ regularly. If you still have any question unanswered, write us.