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Cydia is the third party app store for all jailbreak users with packed of an immersive choice of apps, tweaks, mods etc. Many users are eager on getting Cydia on iOS in order to experience in-depth tweaking on iPhone, iPad and iPod. But that matters with jailbreak as Cydia is strictly for jailbroken Apple devices.

We are bringing updates to Cydia and its download facts here in this page. If you stay signed, you will be able to know everything about Cydia Download and updates regularly.

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How to Download Cydia?

Not everyone can Download Cydia and get its benefits. In fact, only several iOS versions are privileged with working iOS jailbreak tools resulting complete Cydia. You can follow us for the respective links and all the related facts.

Cydia iOS 12- 12.4

You will find the latest iOS 12.4 jailbreak with support to install Cydia iOS 12.4 with our linked page. You will find the instructions to both Unc0ver and Chimera jailbreak tools from us. And you can Jailbreak without PC by following the respective button.

Chimera jailbreak
Chimera jailbreak
Unc0ver jailbreak

Cydia iOS 11- 11.4.1

You can experience Cydia iOS 11 jailbreak with the updated Electra Jailbreak tool. You can have Electra ipa downloads here and by visiting our page to Electra jailbreak update, you will get everything in detail.

Electra jailbreak
Electra jailbreak

Cydia iOS 10- 10.3.3

Jailbreak iOS 10 and installing Cydia iOS 10 is available with H3lix jailbreak tool download. Follow the links and get the correct ipa files to complete jailbreak. And we are presenting more details to Cydia iOS 10 with the page you are directed.

Cydia iOS 9- 9.3.5

With Ph0enix Jailbreak tool support you can get Cydia app on iOS 9 very easily. Follow the given links to get reliable facts on Cydia Download iOS 9 and Cydia. And you are here directed to correct Ph0enix ipa downloads from the links below.

Install Cydia iOS 8- 8.4.1

Jailbreak iOS 8 is successfully given with the jailbreak tool EtasonJB. It works extremely well on iOS 8.4.1 and below. To get all the tool knowledge and about how it runs, follow the page linked. And below you are the correct links to download EtasonJB ipa files.

Cydia iOS 7- 7.1.2

You can Download Cydia on iOS 7 with iOS 7 jailbreak from the most popular jailbreak developing team Pangu. To get more details about Pangu jailbreak and installing Cydia on iOS 7, go to the respective page linked. And you can Download Pangu Jailbreak files from the links below provided respectively for Mac and Windows.

Jailbreak iOS 6- 6.1.6

This is one of the first successful iOS jailbreaks released for iPhone. P0sixspwn jailbreak is the tool that has successfully allowed installing Cydia iOS 6. You can get more about jailbreak iOS 6 with P0sixspwn jailbreak with the linked page and follow the download from below links too respectively Mac and Windows.

Cydia iOS 5- 5.1.1 (RedSn0w)

Cydia iOS 4- 4.3.5 (GreenPoison)

Cydia Features to Get

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Cydia is where you start seeing and experiencing the immersive changes to your iOS. As an app store, it offers you so much of interesting and powerful features and functions. So I here take only a few from all Cydia offers to summarize about some highlighting Cydia features.

  • Cydia gets installed on iOS as a part of the jailbreak. You cannot Download Cydia as a standalone app from any direct source
  • Supports you to choose from tons of apps and tweaks covering customization on almost all of the iOS areas
  • Allowed to get various themes and tweaks to change the complete appearance of the device
  • Can get apps and tweaks to update your existing apps and all functionality of the iOS with new versions
  • Supports with thousands of modified apps and fun games
  • Offers many customization opportunities with ringtones, themes, wallpapers and more

What are the Cydia Alternatives?

The Cydia is unbeatable in its capabilities. But if you really have no chance to installing Cydia, it will be fairly good to go with a Cydia alternative until you get a new chance to a new version. you will be able to get modified apps, games, and more with apps like Snapchat++, Spotify++, MovieBox, YouTube ++, Facebook++ and more.

cydia alternative

How to Remove Cydia from iOS?

Removing Cydia is very easy. You only need to download Cydia Eraser from which you can easily uninstall Cydia from the iPhone without changing your iOS firmware as of the time being. And if you do not care about leaving your iOS firmware, you can also remove Cydia by upgrading the iOS firmware.

We will update you with all Cydia related facts. Stay signed!