Cydia Impactor

Cydia impactor is a useful utility for iOS users that is used in installing third party applications on your iOS that are not allowed by the Apple in the user way. In fact, Cydia impactor is the tool that installs ipa files into the iOS device for which “sideloading” is said. And with the support of Cydia impactor, there are a lot of apps you can install on your iOS device aiming at advanced changes and functions. We will cover more about the tool specifications, how it should be used and more with the note here.

Cydia impactor

More about Cydia impactor Download for iOS jailbreak

Cydia impactor is the most convenient tool that supports installing third party apps on your iPhone. And here it works for the apps Apple does not allow through the official app store. If you are an iOS jailbreak user, this would be familiar as we find jailbreak tools in semi-untethered structure which required Cydia impactor Download to sideload the jailbreak ipa into the device. So if you are a jailbreak user, you must have already aware how important it is to complete the process of iOS jailbreak to result in Cydia Download.

How to use :

The tool follows an uncomplicated process in installing any ipa into the iDevice. So follow the instructions to preparations and follow the step guide

Before you start with processing:

Before you start with any execution, it is very important have a good preparation. So confirm through the below facts.

  • Make sure your iTunes is updated to the time being with all the relevant updates
  • To process with sideloading here you need to have Apple ID. If you do not prefer using your personal Apple ID here with Cydia impactor, you are recommended to have a secondary Apple ID for the purpose of installing the ipa
  • If you own a free Apple ID, the application certificate here used will be expired in a week. So you need to sideload the ipa in every seven days to keep the features alive
  • For those who own a developer Apple ID will only have to sideload the ipa in 12 months from the first date of the installation. In fact, the certificate will expire in a year for the paid developer ID holders

Download Cydia impactor

You can Download Cydia impactor latest downloads from us. It is compatible through all three major platforms making you the process easier. So follow Cydia impactor Download for Windows, Mac or Linux.

How to use Cydia impactor?

Step 1: Download Cydia impactor on Mac, Windows or Linux

cydia impactor

Step 2: Download the ipa file that you need sideloading on the device
Step 3: Connect the iPhone to the Computer through a lightning cable
Step 4: Now launch the app and make sure the app has successfully detected the connected device

cydia impactor

Step 5: Now find the downloaded ipa and drag into the Cydia impactor you have opened

cydia impactor

Step 6: In the certificate expiry warning, continue with “Ok”
Step 7: Give Apple ID and Password and confirm with “Ok”

cydia impactor

Step 8: Cydia impactor will now sign the app certificate. And once this is done, you will the app icon on the device’s Home screen
Step 9: Now go to Settings from the device and follow General > Profiles and Device Management >
Step 10: Now choose the certificate for the sideloaded app and “Trust”. You can now enjoy the app features

App Features

Saurik often update Cydia impactor package with various features and fixes. Here is the list of a couple of features that drew our attention.

  • Bridging the connection – It is easy to arrange a strong connection between your PC/Mac and iDevice. Restart and disconnect the connection as well not that difficult. However, find out the port number is required.
  • Root permission for Android Smartphone and Tablet – Those who are with Android 2.3 or earlier versions can update the device to Android 5.0 using Cydia Impactor. All you have to do is click the Start button and let it go through.
  • Unlock Bootloader lock – The file that we get to know as Bootloader can easily form with an identifier token. It will be a rapid process even when you need to lock or unlock bootloader.
  • Built-in USB drivers – When you are using the impactor package, you do not need to specifically find out USB drivers while it available as built-in with Impactor. For that, you should set up drivers manually which is with the app.
  • Install packages – Throughout, you are capable to flash and catch any mod package. Update, root packages, manual file recovery devoid of FastBoot tools as well can simply apply.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you do not install iTunes on your computer, the device is not properly connected or iTunes cannot identify your device that connected may be common reasons behind this issue.

  • So, you can simply resolve it by check the connected USB port. The device should start charging if the connection was right.
  • Install iTunes if it is not there or else reinstall iTunes is the next solution if you failed with the above as well. Uninstall the current package and restart the computer. Install the latest version of iTunes right away. And then reboot the device once more.
  • Check out the used USB cable.
  • Update Cydia impactor. If the error could if may be because Cydia impactor is an earlier version. Therefore, download the latest version and update the package first.
  • Compile a different computer. If all above options were failing, then try this out. You have to use a completely new computer for that, if there is a matter with the current machine you are using.