How to remove jailbreak or Cydia from your iDevice?

The tool we used to delete Cydia tweaks, themes and all jailbreak features from iDevices called Cydia Impactor. But it was not the utility that supports us to sideload IPA type file packages for it arrived as a completely different option with Cydia app. However, when Saurik updated the utility, it got a new name as Cydia Eraser and that known as an influential arrangement for users those who are chase jailbreaking. The best part of this clarification is its challenging performance to keep the user at the same iOS version by just remove those jailbreak features and the Cydia package completely. Those who are already jailbroken can install this utility without any difficulty.

Cydia eraser

Install Cydia Eraser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Not each and every iPhone or iPad can set up Cydia until they become jailbroken. But there should be a proper jailbreak tool for the particular iOS version. So users should realize that Cydia Eraser cannot set up when the device is not with true Cydia package of Jay Freeman and not with alternatives. As recommended, Cydia eraser should be there right after a device become jailbroken in order to shield the iOS firmware.

The step guide for Jailbreak App Eraser

  • Compile PC or Mac and make sure it contains the latest version of iTunes
  • Make sure the device is fully charged
  • Use a lightning/USB cable and connect to the computer
  • Open iTunes there
  • Create a full backup of data
  • And then open Cydia app on your iPhone and search for Cydia eraser
  • When you find it, simply install following the same method you apply over whatever tweak
  • So the device will respring and let you see the certain app icon among apps on your Home

How to unjailbreak or remove Cydia?

Here is the complete guide to unjailbreak your device and clean the operating system. While you will set to the latest iOS version if you go through iTunes unjailbreak method, this will safely remove Cydia and everything by letting you remain the same position.

  • Launch the Cydia eraser app with a tap on the tool icon
  • And the select “Delete All Data and Un-jailbreak Device” option there
  • When the next window will launch, you can click “Delete All” option right away
  • Keep the iDevice on the table and take a long breath. When the process come to the end, the iPhone/iPad will reboot. And then you can make sure if the iOS version is the same

Features of Cydia Eraser

Cydia eraser is the best method to unjailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It capable to perfectly clean the system. As we clarified, though there is another method to unjailbreak using iTunes, it swiftly set the device to the latest iOS version to remove your status. But with Cydia eraser, you can smoothly clean the system without move to another firmware

Those who will need to jailbreak their devices can try it once more for they are with the same firmware. If you gone through iTunes, you will have to remain for a new jailbreak release for the new iOS version that iTunes settled during the unjailbreak operation

Since Cydia eraser stands as an app, you do not need to use a PC to apply. You can directly search through the Cydia app store and remove all jailbreak features right away

Since Cydia eraser leads a widespread cleaning operation, jailbreak status that you passed will never become an issue for tough decide to sell it. So this is a good point to keep sage your warranty as well.

How to delete Cydia download?

So this is about further methods that users capable to spread on in aim at remove Cydia download. Behind the easiest and the well-known Cydia eraser, there you got some other uses as follow. 

Succession app

This is a newly introduced application of the jailbreak community call Succession app. This too capable to let the user stay with the usual firmware. So then you can jailbreak your device once more whenever you wish.

  • You have to open download Cydia app on your jailbroken device and navigate to Sources tab
  • Click Edit > Add options orderly
  • Enter once you have to apply a repository
  • To add the repository to Cydia right away, all you have to do is just enter the Add Source option

How to use?

  • So this is how you can apply Succession to remove Cydia from the device.
  • First of all, you have to search Succession from Cydia > download > install properly.
  • And then you can launch the app once installation will complete.
  • Click the “Download Clean Filesystem” option right away and then on the “Start Download” as well.
  • The process will remain few minutes for the respective IPSW should download.
  • You can return to the main Succession window once the notification will appear.
  • Finally click Prepare for Restore and Erase iPhone options.

Restore your iPhone

This is similar to iTunes method and that will set remove jailbreak status while set the device to the newest firmware. So if the newest iOS version does not have a proper jailbreak method, you will have to remain for a release. Moreover, you have to consider about your data too for everything will clean during the procedure.

Preparations :

  • Update iTunes or else download the latest version on your PC or Mac
  • Use iCloud or iTunes to backup all data
  • Knock out Touch ID, passcode and Find my iPhone feature.

How to?

  • Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • You may have to enter your pass code, so type them if you will ask for.
  • When “Trust This Computer” option will appear, click it and move.
  • And then click Device Summary > Restore and Restore again.
  • Within few minutes, the device will reboot and will set you to the Hello screen. You can check the device firmware. You have been set to the latest. So the jailbreak app is no longer there.

How to unjailbreak using iTunes?

  • Update iTunes to the latest version and launch on your PC/Mac.
  • Connect the iDevice and enter your passcode.
  • Once “Trust this Computer” notification will appear, click “Yes” to continue.
  • And then go to the Device summary > Restore Backup.
  • You can select one of the list that were before jailbroken when the backups list will display.
  • And then click “Restore”.
  • So iTunes will automatically arrange everything.
  • You might ask to enter passcode.
  • At the end of the operation, you can remove the device from the PC and check its jailbreak status.