Chimera Jailbreak

Team Electra brings the best news to jailbreak community by bringing Chimera jailbreak as the latest iOS 12 jailbreak tool. The tool brings support for all devices including A12 iPhones and iPad devices differ from the previous jailbreak tools that have come with some limitations in device support.

chimera jailbreak, jailbreak app

How to install Chimera Jailbreak?

You can Download Chimera in two ways. But nothing to worry as both the methods are easy to handle. Before getting into the process, make sure you have no iOS 12 OTA files on the device which would results in boot loop.

chimera jailbreak
chimera TV jailbreak

Method 01: Configuration Profile

In this method, you need to have a third party installer like Emus4U, Top Store or TweakBox. And consider on the content of the installer you get as it is better having the installer with more apps, games and downloads.

  • Download Emus4U on your device
  • Go to the app and search Chimera
  • Get it selected and start installing
  • Once done, launch Chimera from the Home screen
chimera jailbreak, cydia app
  • Tap the jailbreak button in the middle and wait for the process
  • When the jailbreak is finished, it is ready to go with Sileo
  • If you get any errors like “FileSystem could not be remounted” or something similar, make sure to remove all the OTA files on the device and switch to Airplane mode
  • And in case if some apps or games not work after jailbreak, have a jailbreak detection bypass tool and try

Method 02: Chimera IPA File installation

This is the most common way these days you see in jailbreaking with semi-untethered tools. And for that you need the support of Cydia impactor tool.

  • Download Cydia impactor on your PC
  • Download Chimera jailbreak IPA on the PC
  • Connect the device to the PC
  • Now launch Cydia impactor and drag the Chimera IPA file into the interface
  • When required, provide the Apple ID and the password. You will here see the expired certificate warning too
  • Wait for Cydia impactor to install the app on the device
  • Once done and you see the app on the home scree, follow with Settings > General > Profiles and select the Chimera profile
  • Now “Trust” the app and launch Chimera from Home to jailbreak
  • When finished, follow Sileo for tweaking

Chimera App Features:

Chimera is easy to use tool for iOS 12 jailbreak users. And it packs features like,

  • Compatible through all the devices up to the latest
  • CoreTrust bypass – safer and faster
  • Support Sile to package installation and management
  • Has ChimeraTV jailbreak supporting Apple TV on tvOS 12 through tvOS 12.1.2
  • Comes in an extremely supporting frame
  • Very easy to install and process
  • Support with all your favorite tweaks, apps and many more downloads after jailbreak

Important: Chimera Jailbreak is again under semi-untethered jailbreak. So everytime you reboot, it will make the device back in normal. So make sure you resign the app after reboot. And this is bound to jailbreak expiry with the Apple certificate used. So keep notice of that too and rerun the jailbreak app to keep all jailbreak features.

How to install Cydia after Chimera jailbreak?

Instead of Cydia, here Chimera supports the package manager Sileo. But if you still want to have Cydia, follow the steps accurately.

  • Launch Sileo and then go to sources
  • Tap edit and type
  • Continue to add and wait it to be added before refreshing sources
  • From the source, now install Cydia for Chimera/Electra
  • Close Sileo and tap the Cydia icon to launch
  • This will bring a pop up message warning you about packages that are only partly installed (disregard the pop up)
  • Open Sources and select on Edit > Add and enter source
  • Tap on Add and refresh the sources again
  • Finally, you can uninstall Sileo which can be reinstalled at any time you need

Cydia installation is now done after Chimera jailbreak on your iDevice. To make Cydia properly work, make sure to follow these steps as well.

  • Go to Cydia and then go to Sources
  • Tap Edit > Add and add the and repos
  • Finally, install the tweaks, called Cydia Universal and the other PreferenceLoader

That is all and Cydia will run smoothly on the jailbroken device here on.

How to delete jailbreak?

Do you want to delete Sileo or Cydia from the device? it is not hard at all. Follow the links and get comprehensive guidelines.

What are the alternative Jailbreak apps for Chimera?

unc0ver jailbreak, iOS 12 jailbreak

To run iOS 12 jailbreak up to iOS 12.1.2, you have Unc0ver jailbreak as an alternative option to Chimera. It works same as Chimera but not going to support through all A12 devices. To view the complete note, follow us.

  • Unc0ver Jailbreak

What do you think about Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12? Go ahead and try for free. And give thanks to CoolStar-led team Electra for all support.