What is Cydia for iOS?

If you like experiencing true colors of iOS, Cydia is one of the major concerns. In fact, Cydia is the reason for why jailbreaks as it can be introduced the only third party application store for jailbreak users allowing thousands of advanced apps and tweaks for free download and purchase.

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We cannot Download Cydia directly through any link or from any web source. And we get access to Cydia only through complete iOS jailbreak. In the recent times, we found no update to any tools. With that, Chimera is the latest jailbreakable tool exist serving through iOS 12.0 to iOS 12.1.2 only.

Introduction to Cydia

Everything about Cydia explained via infographic.

Cydia infographic

Cydia is an unofficial app store for Apple devices that are jailbroken. The store contains advanced apps, tweaks, themes, modified games, ringtones, and many more aiming at more features and functionality on your iDevice. Having Cydia Download, you can change the entire look and feel of the iPhone as it offers a new layer of advancements. Although Apple brings similar kind of options through official downloads, they must never be same like what you get through Cydia. For the interesting fact, the name “Cydia” comes from codling moth which gets as “Cydia Pomonella” in the scientific name and turn into “the worm in the apple” in single terms.

Who is the Developer of Cydia?

All the development credits for Cydia go to the reputed developer Saurik aka Jay Freeman (Twitter). The initial release of Cydia marked in 2008 as an alternative to “install.app” which has given by Apple for 1.1 operating system version. And taking about three years of time, it has arrested millions of users to the Cydia concept marking a new era as the most popular unofficial app store. and from then to now, Cydia has come through various updates respectively the iOS jailbreak order.

Should you jailbreak and install Jailbreak App

iOS jailbreaking is the only way you can install Cydia completely. Although there are alternative solutions with some Cydia features, they are not like the real Cydia. So if you want to have it on your device, you must jailbreak with the right tool use.

What can we do with Cydia App Store or Jailbreak App store?

Apple is restrictive in what they offer. So Cydia is the smart solution there through which you can do anything you want on your device. In fact, Cydia has tons of options for anything you want. If you feel like more customizing, better battery, complete change in the look, better file management or anything, Cydia will offer you thousands of options under each. And you can choose from free and paid options respectively the requirement.

  • Themes – Cydia gives a lot of advanced theme options. And this is one of the most downloaded options from the store in the way changing the way your iDevice looks.
  • Tweaks – you will find many Cydia tweaks in the store supporting you to change and modify various aspects of the device. In fact, there are tweaks separately for lock screen, home screen, icons, fonts, battery, status bar and all.
  • Apps – the store is full of Cydia apps to lead you through all advancements you expect by coming out of the Apple’s restrictions. You can change the way entire device from its look to feel by using various apps.
  • Games – it is no worth having an app store without any games. And here Cydia has so much with advanced support and functions.

How to set up Cydia Download?

Soon once you finishes jailbreak, Cydia will appear on the Home screen. So follow through the sections and identify its functions.

  • Sections: For new users, this is the starting point. You will find all the categories there where you can find what you need.
  • Search: This allows you to search through what you are looking for easily.
  • Manage: Through this, you can add repositories, remove the ones added, check through available space and etc.

What are Cydia Repositories?

The word itself means the “Storage”. So simply a Cydia repository is where Cydia apps and tweaks are stored. You will find the store build in with a number of popular Cydia repos. You can add or remove as per your desire. And with each repo you will find a set of amazing apps and tweaks waiting for your call.

Cydia is everything you want in your iPhone. But only iOS jailbreak will open the gates for it. We will write you back with more updates.