iPhone Jailbreak
fast and simple

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iPhone Jailbreak
fast and simple!

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how to jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreaking iPhone
with untethered method

With this incredibly simple and fast jailbreak methond, you can jailbreak your iPhone within seconds! The only required skill is to download the file and put it on your phone.
The app will take care of the rest and jailbreak iPhone automatically, even after a reboot! This method is completely safe for your device and you can remove the jailbreak whenever you want.

Works on
every iOS version

The method presented here can be applied to literally ANY version of iOS. That means even the newest ones. No more looking for jailbreak that suits your certain version of iOS.
The process itself has no impact on your personal data, therefore it will not delete nor change any of your documents or media. It also creates a backup of your data, in case you wanted to be 100% sure it is safe. Don't now how to jailbreak iPhone? We will help you with documentation inside the file.

jailbreak iPhone 5

the elite

Join the elitist group of people with jailbroken iPhone and install any type of apps you want! Break the chains! Use the apps you always dreamed of! Enhance your device, tweak it, customize it!
Jailbreaking iPhone 5 or jailbreaking iPhone 4 is plain fun and leads to a gigantic amount of great apps. Wait no longer, join the group of people who want to be in control of their devices!

jailbreak iPhone 4 jailbreak iPhone 4s

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